A Simple Ritual To Release What No Longer Serves You

cord cutting - blogThis past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting one of my dearest girlfriends. We are both doing a lot of growth work right now. As we spent quality time catching up, it became clear that there were some belief systems and behaviors in our lives that were no longer serving us in reaching our goals.

So, what’s a girl to do in this scenario?

Light a fire and burn that s%*t up!!

We spontaneously created this little ritual to symbolize our releasing this old, stagnant ways of being in the world. Not only did we have fun, and totally bonded around this, but we both felt lighter and liberated afterwards.

Here is our Cord Cutting ritual:

1. Anoint yourself with some sacred essential oils. We put Young Living’s blend, Valor, on our wrists and the bottoms of our feet, and then frankincense on our third eye.

2. We took some elegant note cards and spent a few minutes writing about what we were desiring to release, thanking the thought, behavior, feeling, belief, for how it has helped and/or supported us in the past, and giving it permission to be released moving forward. (I added a big Farewell to my envelope too, which you can see in the photo!)

3. Out in the backyard, we then ‘smudged’ ourselves with sage from head to toe. We also smudged our letters, as well as our pieces of cord. (My girlfriend, who is a crafty-glue-gun-kinda-queen ‘just happened’ to have some beautiful golden cord laying around her house, but you can use any piece of string.)

4. One at a time, we each cut off a few inches of our cord and burned it along with our letter. (We did this in a fire-safe container.)

5. As we watched our cords and letters burn, baby, burn, we both recited, “And So It Is.”

Do you have something that you do to help release what is no longer serving you? If so, please share in the comments section below. One can never have too many releasing rituals in my book!

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