A Sweet Little Meditation Adventure

how to meditateI am currently taking a course called Moon Rhythms with Marissa of Moondaughter. Some of us have chosen to join her in a 31-day meditation adventure for the month of August. We will slowly and gently ramp up to a goal of 30 minutes per day.

Care to join in the festivities?

Here is some info Marissa shared with us about meditation:

• Focus on your breath and explore breathing exercises.

• Say affirmation and recite mantras.

• Work with mala beads.

• Use visualization exercises (this is a classic).

• Or guided imagery mp3s.

• Draw one tarot or oracle card each day and meditate on it. I’m currently loving these from Lisa Michaels.

• Focus on the chakras.

Some additional tips:

1. Frankincense essential oil is a grounding oil and has been used for centuries for spiritual practice and meditation. It’s lovely to place a drop on the third eye and/or place one drop in the left palm (the side of the body considered to be the receptive side according to energy work) and rub it with your right palm. Then place your palms near your face and inhale the aroma.

2. Record your experience in a meditation journal. This is your place to capture the revelations, insights, or simply your experience of sitting with yourself.

3. Leverage technology with a smart phone meditation app.

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