Attitude Of Gratitude: A Free Guide!

gratitude quotesWe’ve all heard it said a hundred times: Keep a gratitude journal. But how many people actually do this?

I find it easier to focus on gratitude throughout the course of my day. I like to truly savor those moments when I’m infused with the fullness of the blessings in my life.

Research studies have shown depression to be inversely correlated to gratitude.  It seems that the more grateful a person is, the less depressed they are. Philip Watkins, a clinical psychologist at Eastern Washington University, found that clinically depressed individuals showed significantly lower gratitude (nearly 50 percent less) than non-depressed controls.

“If you’ve forgotten the language of gratitude, you’ll never be on speaking terms with happiness.” ~Anonymous

So, let’s get this attitude of gratitude goin’ on! There are a myriad ways to invite more gratitude into our lives in a bigger way via a gratitude practice.

For example one of the little rituals my husband and I like to do when we go hiking is called the ABCs of Gratitude. As we travel the trail, we go through the letters of the alphabet, each declaring something we are grateful for that starts with that letter. I discovered this sweet practice a few years ago as I gathered some appreciation quotes and gratitude exercises into a document to share with my family as we celebrated Thanksgiving. I titled it “A Great-Fullness Anthology.” Reading it together has now become an annual event at our holiday table.

restorative yoga poses I’m thrilled to be sharing this collection with you and hope you enjoy it as much as we have. You can download a copy of it by clicking here.

Today, read one of the quotes or do one of the gratefulness exercises. Savor your blessings! 




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