Best Deodorant For Women: Smell Sweet this Summer Without Toxic Chemicals

Best Deodorant for WomenPlease do yourself a big self-care favor and ditch the drugstore antiperspirant. Most of them contain cancer-causing aluminium and there’s increasing concern about using products containing aluminium — especially when applied to the skin near the breast, such as in deodorants. This is because aluminium can have a disruptive estrogenic effect on our endocrine systems.

Additionally, major lymphatic networks reside in and around our underarms. When we apply toxic chemicals to the skin, it is quickly absorbed into that network.

The Environmental Working Group has compiled a database that grades the level of toxicity of  beauty products called Skin Deep. Do some research on the deodorants they have determined to be safe.

I love the scent of Living Libations Poetic Pits Underarm Charm. But, if you want a super duper easy peasy solution, simply mix one drop of sandalwood essential oil into a dab of coconut oil and apply it to each underarm.

Why sandalwood you ask?

Sandalwood oil contains a constituent similar to androsterone, the underarm pheromonal secretion that acts as a sexual signal, so it is the perfect essential oils to use on this part of the body. :)

Switching out your toxic deodorant is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to adopting a clean and green body care regimen. To get the low down on over 10 recipes for easily-made-at-home personal care products — everything from facial cleanser to eye cream to foot soaks — download a recording of a Non-Toxic Personal Care teleclass on this very topic.


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