Breast Self-Massage: How & Why

Breast HealthBetween the French bra study and Angelina Jolie, breast health is a super hot topic right now. There are whole books, and even blogs, devoted to breast health so this self-care tip is just the tip of an enormous iceberg.

Personally, I find the following gentle, preventative technique preferable to a seek-and-destroy monthly breast self-exam mission. I suspect I’m not that only one who confesses non-compliance with that at the annual gyno exam.

According to Chinese medicine, stagnation in the body is a breeding ground for disease. And there are a number of things that can constrict the healthy flow of blood and lymph through your breasts. Breast self-massage is a lovely — and loving — way to get things moving.

And, when you do breast self-massage, you become intimately aware of the landscape of your breasts. If there is any change to what you know to be your normal, you will know right away and can investigate further.

I learned about this technique over a decade ago while attending a lecture at the New Age Health Spa. It stuck with me because it’s so simple to do, and can easily become a daily habit with little effort.

This self-massage protocol originates from Medical Qi Gong. Here it is in all it’s simplicity:

Massage both breasts in a circular manner 36 times clockwise followed by 36 times counter-clockwise.

You can do it in the bath or shower with some soap lather. Or, on dry skin with the added benefit of using a balm designed to promote breast health, such as this Organic Banyan Botanicals Breast Balm.

For a current take on breast health, watch this video interview with one of my mentors, Dr. Sara Gottfried:


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