Decluttering: A 5 Minute Solution

Living and working in tidy and organized spaces is foundational to living a stress-free and restorative life. As Oprah says:

“You can’t have greatness in your life if it’s cluttered with junk. You need to open up to the possibilities.”

Sometimes the best gift we can give ourselves is to take a baby step towards “spacial serenity.” My dear friend, personal organizer and media-darling, Lisa Zalsow shares one of her favorite decluttering tips in the video below. And make sure to grab the gift she has for you too!

Organization expert Lisa Zaslow doesn’t preach the conventional organizing “rules” (she has yet to figure out how to touch every piece of paper only once); her mission is to provide practical solutions that make getting organized easy, fast, and even fun. Lisa has helped thousands of people and businesses be more organized in the past 10 years and her expertise is regularly featured in the media, including The Nate Berkus Show, Inside Edition, The New York Times, Real Simple, InStyle and many others. Get Lisa’s super-easy free organizing tips at .


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