I Will Pay For You To Go To The Young Living Convention!!!

Tickets for the 2014 “Young Living International Grand Convention: Dream” go on sale starting January 31st!

CLICK HERE for more details about this year’s convention….celebrating Young Living’s 20th Anniversary!

young living convention 2014

Attending events, especially Convention, is a surefire way to ‘pedal to the metal’ your business growth. Having just returned from Winter Harvest in Idaho, I have witnessed the powerful impact and benefits from making this investment in myself and my Young Living business. The energy and inspriation you will experience, the people you will meet, and the valuable things you will learn….are truly priceless!

So, I want to make this easy for you. I want to pay for YOU to join me there so we can share in this amazing 20th Anniversary Celebration! THIS is the convention you do NOT want to miss!!!


If you purchase a ticket at the early bird price before February 28th to attend convention this year AND if you ADVANCE by at least one rank before March 31st AND MAINTAIN that rank (or a higher rank) until May 31st, I will reimburse you for the cost of your ticket.


:: Only rank advancements to Senior Star and above will qualify. (Star rank will not qualify.)
:: Rank advancement must occur between February 1st and March 31st, 2014. The new rank (or a higher one) must be maintained until 5/31/14.
:: Reimbursement is only for the early bird pricing of one ticket per distributorship at $169. Proof of purchase must be supplied prior to reimbursement, including date of ticket purchase on or before 2/28/14.
:: Reimbursement will be made via check by June 15th.
:: You must be a member of my Young Living organization.