Manifesto of Encouragement {+ Desire Mapping}

Danielle LaPorte has been inspiring me for a number of years and I’m excited to share her with you. She is a prolific writer and has an extensive body of work, but for the purposes of the Self-Care Salon, there are two of her gems I want to turn you on to.

danielle laporteThe first is a beautiful piece of inspiration called The Manifesto of Encouragement. It blew my mind when I read it. I’ve shared it with clients and recited it while teaching yoga. Powerful stuff. It’s a one page document and I ‘encourage’ you to print it out and keep it on your fridge, in your handbag, in your car to read while stuck in standstill traffic.

There may be moments in your life when reading this short manifest may be the most loving and kind thing you can do for yourself. So it’s a keeper for your self-care toolkit. :)

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You can download a copy of it by clicking HERE.


The second gem is her multi-media program, The Desire Map. Danielle created this program for “creating goals with soul.” It’s a gorgeous print book but oh so much more. It also includes digital material, audio files, e-support, videos, a web-app, and a private Facebook group to connect with other desire mappers and Danielle herself.

Step one of any self-care intention is knowing what you need….what you desire. Let Danielle help you discover YOUR desires in this fun, out-of-the-box way. Check out Danielle’s video and then click HERE to learn more about this fabulousness.

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