Mindfulness Meditation With A Raisin

So often we eat accompanied by a multitude of distractions — while in front of a screen of some sort, in the car, or walking down the street — completely unaware of the food we are eating. This creates ground for a complete disconnect with our bodies and the signaling system from our stomach to our brain. This in turn makes it difficult for us to assess when our body has taken in enough food. Reason #1 for cultivating mindful eating = LESS OVEREATING.

We are  blessed with sensory receptors that allow us to derive daily pleasure from the intake of our energy source. Why deprive ourselves of this by rushing through a meal or not being even fully aware of what we are eating? Reason #2 for cultivating mindful eating = A MORE PLEASURABLE EXISTENCE.

And can we talk about chewing for a moment? I’d bet my bottom dollar that you’re not doing enough of it. Digestion begins in the mouth. So, the less time our food stays in our mouth, the harder the rest of our digestions system has to work to break it down. Reason #3 for cultivating a mindful eating = LESS “DIGESTIVE DRAMAS.”

If I haven’t convinced you yet, check out this mindfulness meditation, using a raisin to raise the awareness around your experience of eating. I suspect this may wind up being the most delicious raisin you’ve ever tasted. {If raisins ain’t your thing, choose another dried fruit — or go wild and try it with a piece of chocolate!}

Challenge yourself and choose one meal within the next 24 hours to eat in silence and without distractions. Give yourself this gift of truly being able to dwell in the sensory pleasure we are blessed with by eating.

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Listen to the mindful eating meditation below and/or download the mp3 file by clicking here.


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