“Are You Feeling Stuck, Frustrated, And Fearful
When It Comes To Your Financial Life?”

Well, you’re in the right place if you want to:

• Experience less dread and fear when it comes to money
Feel confident that you’ll achieve your financial goals
• Have an easy, fun, and inspiring way to improve your financial life
• Truly dream big when it comes to money

Because this eBook will help with all that!

how to make a vision board“How To Craft A Money Vision Board
For Financial Serenity”
{A Six-Step Guide}

3rd Edition – completely updated & revised for 2013!
Preface by Katherine C.H.E., CEO, International Association of Law of Attraction Practitioners

Research has shown that making a vision board with images of things that inspire you is more effective than simply resolving to do them in your mind or even writing down your goals on a piece of paper. This is what makes vision boards an ideal financial success tool!

Don’t be fooled by what seems like a simple cut and paste activity. There’s a nearly magic energy generated by this positive thinking activity and it’s created by YOU!

This is the ideal tool to tap into an intuitive process that works wonders for your financial life. You will be harnessing the power of your subconscious in the service of creating a financial life that truly supports your dreams and desires.

“Vision Boards Have Come Out
Of The Woo Woo Closet!”

They’ve become so mainstream that they’ve been featured on television shows such as Oprah, Ellen, and even Larry King! In fact, Larry had one on his dressing room door.

Check out Larry’s interview with John Assaraff, Vision Board star from the movie “The Secret”:

In this eBook, I’m going to share with you:

•  My proven six-step process to create a powerful Money Vision Board

•  A comprehensive list of the best Vision Board supplies {including some esoteric ones used for centuries to attract wealth}

•  How to use your Money Vision Board to stay inspired to reach your financial dreams

•  Tried and true tips & tools to get you manifesting your dreams more quickly

•  Some of my favorite and most powerful financial success affirmations

•  A how-to-guide on tapping into the power of your girlfriend circle to infuse your Money Vision Board with synergistic energy

•  A discussion of the myriad styles of vision boards, and how to use yours in multiple ways – magnify its manifesting power!

Crafting a Money Vision Board is about meshing
heaven and earth,
dreaming and doing,
co-creating magic with the Universe.
Are you ready for some of that magic?

And did I say it’s FUN?

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Because this is not a just-slap-some-images-on-a-board-and-stare-at-your-navel chanting-“OM”-until-a-Lexus-“appears”-in-your-driveway kind of guide.

No, no, no!

With this eBook, I take you by the hand and walk you through how to dream SUPER BIG when it comes to money, but then I also share my specific goal-setting tricks to make sure you know how to take RIGHT ACTION towards your juicy-delicious financial vision.

Keep in mind this isn’t your everyday “how to make a vision book” eBook. With the knowledge I gained working for two decades as a psychotherapist, I’ve written it knowing the insider secrets of human motivation and change. What makes this eBook unique is that I blend the more spiritual aspects of visioning with very grounded, and evidence-based theories of personal development and goal attainment.

How to Craft a Money Vision Board for Financial Serenity is a fabulous visioning resource that you’ll use over and over as you move forward on your financial serenity journey!

And please know, although the powerful process I detail in this eBook is focused solely on financial serenity, this process can be applied to ANY area of your life where you want more success!

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“Cultivating the Art of Receiving” eBook

how to make a vision boardVisioning is great and all, but how are you at receiving? Many people {especially us ladies} have under-developed Receiving Muscles. This eBook shares some of the powerful practices I do and share with my financial therapy clients to amp up our receiving receptors. Asking and Receding work in tandem, and this eBook will make sure you’re up to snuff when it comes to receiving all the financial abundance you have coming your way!


“A Great-Fullness Anthology” eBook

GreatFullnessAnthologywhitebackgroundYou’ll also get a copy of my “Great-Fullness Anthology.” This was a personal project I initially created for my family and friends one Thanksgiving.

It’s chock full of goodies that will inspire you to invite more gratitude into your life, such as quotes, stories, practices, and resources. A Universal Law I live by is “what you appreciate, appreciates.”

And this Anthology will beautifully motivate you to live daily from a place of profound gratitude. So you can appreciate all that you have now AND all that’s on it’s way to you.


“Aromatherapy + Finances: Using Essential Oils
To Successfully Manage Your Financial Life & Reduce Financial Stress” eBook

AromatherapywhitebackgroundIn this Quick Start Guide, I share some fun tips about using essential oils in your financial life to help you Ground & Center, Focus & Concentrate, Calm & Relax, and Inspire & Uplift. I explain which essential oils are the best for specific financial situations, a variety of ways you can use them, and also include a money blessing protocol using essential oils!

“AND, I Offer A 100% No-Hassle Return Policy!

I want you to be completely without risk and have peace of mind about your decision to purchase this eBook. I’m SO confident that you’ll receive immense value from it that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If anytime within one year of purchasing this eBook–and following the process I outline–you don’t achieve positive results in your financial life, just shoot me an email and your money will be refunded IN FULL. No questions asked.

Psst…let me share a little secret with you: Having a vision and a map to get there is one of the most valuable tools I use to propel myself forward in my life. It is the best possible gift you could ever give yourself and I promise you, you will start to see changes right away.


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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

“I’m not artistic or creative, will this be a problem for me in making a Money Vision Board?”

Know that this is NOT a stumbling block on your road to financial serenity! If you could cut and paste when you were six, you can do it now. And, there are a number of resources I share in the book–thanks to technology–where you can create a Money Vision Board without a scissors or glue stick in sight!

“I don’t even know what I want when it comes to money. It all feels fuzzy. I don’t know what my ‘vision’ even is. How can I make a Money Vision Board without being clear on this?”

Well, no worries here because before you put one pretty little finger on a magazine and pair of scissors, I walk you through a centering and visioning exercise which will help you get not only get clear on your vision….but make sure you’re dreaming BIG when it comes to money.

“What exactly is an eBook?

An eBook, short for electronic book, are simply digitally formatted books that are downloaded via a computer link right to your computer. One of the beauties of this format is instant access. So in just a couple of minutes from purchase, you can literally be reading it on your computer {or on paper if you choose to print it out}.

“I’m a vision boarding diva. Why would I need your eBook?

Great question! And if you’re a super pro at vision boards, this may not be the product for you.



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