MyInsens Review

nag champa incenseAs much as I love my essential oils and diffuser, sometimes I like to mix things up a bit when it comes to keeping the house smelling delish.

I was blessed with a sample pack of incense from the company MyInsens, and it was the traditional yoga scent of Nag Champa, which they call MyZen.

On their website it is described as:

“Sometimes, you must turn down the volume on the world to be able to tune into yourself. Because breaking through the boundaries of conventional thought can be difficult, myZen was formulated to champion those moments of quiet contemplation. myZen is our best nag champa incense sticks with Sandalwood, Halmaddi and Champa flower extracts. Nag Champa (sometimes spelled nagchampa) is widely used in yoga, and meditation to helps create sacred space. Champa incense is cleansing, purging the area of negativity & unwanted spirits and energy. As Aromatherapy and Yoga uses, nag champa incense has several benefits – it has natural sedative effect and will help to unwind your body. Champa incenses consist sandalwood which is strong calming agent & is said to have a high spiritual vibration to help clamming restless mind.”

To learn more about the background and mission of the company, check out this video:

I have loved using this incense. The scent is soothing and it would be a wonderful addition to any yoga or meditation practice. If you’d like to purchase some for yourself, or check out their other offerings, visit the MyInsens website.


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