New Moon Cleansing Ritual Bath

lunar bathing ritualNew moons symbolize rebirth, creation, and new beginnings. How blessed are we to get a clean energetic slate every month!

The day of the new moon is an opportune time to turn inward, clear false perceptions, and tap into our inner knowing and feeling. During this time the moon is dark, receptive and full of potential.

It is the time intentions and wishes take root.

The new moon is an auspicious time for a cleansing salt bath. Just like the oceans from which we originate, we are comprised mostly of water and are affected by lunar influences just like the tides.

And at the new moon, our body’s capacity for detoxification is at its highest.

Himalayan salt is the salt of choice for these baths. Not only is it the purest salt available but it also contains 84 elements and minerals that occur naturally in the ocean and earth.  The salt retains the memory of the earth. Just as the ocean reacts to the cycles of the moon, the potency of the salt also reacts to the moon phases.

How To Be A New Moon Bathing Beauty:

  1. Fill the tub with about 3 inches of hot water.
  2. Add 2.5 lbs. of Himalayan Salt to the tub to dissolve. You can swish it around to help it along. I put it in the spice grinder to expedite things. {You can purchase Himalayan Salt in bulk at Saltworks.}
  3. If you live close to nature, keep the window open so you can hear the wind, rain, owls, crickets, etc. Or, play some soothing music.
  4. While you are waiting for the salt to dissolve, dry brush your skin.
  5. Once the salt is dissolved, finish filling the tub with very warm — but not hot — water. It should be slightly above body temperature {about 97 degrees F}.
  6. Say a prayer or blessing if you’d like. {This is a beautiful one.}
  7. Bathe for 20-30 minutes, trying to keep as much of your body submerged as possible.
  8. Use this time to dream and envision what you want to manifest during the next 28 days.
  9. Don’t rinse OR towel off! And don’t apply any lotion, cream, oil or deodorant afterwards. Simply allow your body to breathe and air dry.
  10. Rest comfortably for 30 minutes afterwards. {Please know that you may feel slightly lightheaded from the detox affect.}

moon cycle ritualsA Few Extra Tips:

  • •  A candle at the foot of the bath helps clear the mind and focus intentions. It is said that combining energies like fire, water, earth and air can be spiritually cleansing.
  • •  The correct concentration of salt is critical. You need enough to maintain a 1% solution by using about 2.6 lbs for 27-32 gallons of water {a full average sized bathtub}.
  • •  Don’t add any thing else to the bath water. This is not a typical ‘bath’ bath, so shower first if needed.
  • •  Drink water before, during, and after the bath, to help your body release toxins.

Special Note: Salt baths can be taxing on the circulatory system, so consider you age and general health prior to taking this type of bath. If you have any heart or circulation issues, are pregnant, or any other health issues, check in with your healthcare professional first.

BONUS #1:  This is a short, beautiful guided meditation for the new moon.

BONUS #2:  New Moon Herbal Tea Recipe!

Photos: pellaea & Nico Nelson.