“Welcome to the FREE Self-Care Virtual Salon!”

10  Minutes A Day.

21  Delightful Days.

1  Revitalized You!

Self-Care tips, tricks, and tools –
none longer than 10 minutes.

Pinky Promise!

{And there will be presents!}

If you’re like me — and most of my girlfriends — you struggle with taking care of yourself. {Especially if you’re a mom!} There never seems to be enough time in the day, and everyone else’s needs somehow wind up taking a higher priority. Most likely this lack of tending to your own needs has left you feeling run down.

Depleted. Frazzled. Not diggin’ how you’re looking these days.
Not loving how easy it is for you to ‘snap.’


stressed-woman Well, you’re far from alone. Been there. Done that.

Two years ago I was beyond burnt-out. “Crispy around the edges” is how I described it at the time. I had a  psychotherapy practice in NYC with a 4-hour commute everyday. I was so busy holding space for my clients and taking care of my family, that I completely exhausted my adrenal glands and wound up with some health issues.

Not fun. But, it was a wake-up call.

Like a phoenix rising from the burnt-out ashes, I had to rebuild, reboot, recharge. But this was no zero-to-sixty-in-5 seconds pedal-to-the-metal situation. What I found worked for me was being able to integrate small, baby steps of self-care on a daily basis. And I’m now on a mission to help lovely ladies everywhere nip this lack of self-care in the bud. So, I have a special invitation just for YOU!


We start on June 21, for 21 days.

I’m going to be sharing some groovy {and totally non-cheesy} self-care tips. I will not be telling you to get a mani/pedi or hop into some run-of-the-mill bubble bath. Not that those aren’t fun and nurturing activities. ;-)

Rather, my intention is to introduce you to some of the self-care secrets that I’ve collected along my healing journey. These are powerfully restorative activities that I use myself and am now over-the-moon excited to share with YOU. And, I’ve gathered some amazing experts to share their tips and expertise with you as well.

All the information during this 21-day self-care adventure will be: Easy. Cost effective. And most importantly, respectful of your busy life.

Just 10 minutes a day. That’s all I’m asking of you…for YOU!

woman in meadowSo how does this Free Self-Care Virtual Salon work? Each morning you’ll find an inspiring and informative email from me awaiting you.

AND, there will be gifts!  {Presents always make things more fun, don’t you agree?}

There’ll be giveaways along the journey to help support you in taking the best care of yourself evah! So you can feel refreshed, revitalized, loving yourself and your life!! Yeah!

Please join me by adding your name and email in the boxes below.