Take A Full Moon Walk Tonight!

A few years ago I took the sweetest e-course called the Holiday Joy Up hosted by the beautiful soul, Hannah Marcotti. It was then that I was introduced to the magic of Full Moon Walks. Watch her and her daughter share about this practice in the video below:

Since taking Hannah’s e-course, my husband and I have partaken in this lovely ritual each month. And tonight’s ‘super moon‘ will be the largest of the year. {Google calendar has a Moon Phase calendar that you synch up if you use this platform.}

If you have young children and would like to share this sweet ritual with them, Hannah recommends the following books about the moon.

Catching the Moon
Owl Moon
Papa Please Get the Moon for Me
Goodnight Moon
Phases of the Moon
The Moon

restorative yoga posesHannah is sharing as a gift to the Self-Care Virtual Salon participants an e-book from another program she ran, called the 10-Day Green-Up: Adding Energy, Joy, and Sizzle To Our Life. It’s chock-full of healthy recipe yumminess, and who can’t benefit from a bit more ‘green’ in their diet. Grab your copy here. {It’s a large file so give it some time to download.}

benefits of restorative yogaHannah Marcotti is a quietly impassioned motivator who serves as guide to your gorgeous life and business of the heart. She is a highly sensitive mama who wishes to help you dream and seek out the truth of your purpose and help you celebrate life. She is often found tattooing joy on the spirits of those in her community. Each Thursday morningHannah sends out a love note to her community which you can sign up for here.

Instagram: @hannahmarcotti
Twitter: @hannahmarcotti
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hannah.marcotti

restorative yoga poses

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