The Nancy Reagan Self-Care Tip: Just Say No

Have you developed the bad habit of automatically responding with “yes” whenever someone asks something of you? Saying yes to everyone else is ostensibly saying no to yourself.  And you’re no good to anyone if you are exhausted, resentful, and overextended.

As women, we are actually neurologically programmed to overpromise, overprovide, and overdeliver. All this people pleasing is often at the expense of our adrenal function {stress hormones} and emotional wellbeing.

Check out this video {and the script download here.}

Here are a few tips to take this practice out into the world:

1. Practice this exercise as much as needed to rehab your “inner people pleaser.”

2. Do not allow “yes” to be your default answer. The first line of defense is to respond to all requests with: “Probably not, but let me think about it.” Buying yourself time before committing to something gives you a chance to think about the request and if it’s something you truly want to do.

Or, if you’re gut response is a definitive ‘no’ try: “Unfortunately, that won’t work right now.”

You can say all of these things KINDLY. Remember that it’s easier to go back later and say yes, than it is to go back later and say no.

3. Ditch the apology. Answer me this: How many times have the men in your life apologized for saying no to something?

4. It’s okay to change your mind. Don’t feel locked into something just because you previously agreed to it. Circumstances change.

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