Welcome Letter For The Self-Care Virtual Salon

Hello Sweet Soul,

Welcome! If you have just joined the Self-Care Virtual Salon, there are a couple of things I wanted to talk with you about before your start. :)

 yoga1.  We are looking at a 3-week journey. I am going to be sharing A LOT of info with you. The last, last, last thing I want to happen is for the Salon to CAUSE you stress!

So, please know that I don’t expect you to open every email or do every fabulous tip I suggest. But, I DO want you to have all this info in an easily accessible place for the future.

So, to reduce stress, and create a self-care repository for yourself, I strongly suggest you create an email filter. All Salon emails will have [Self-Care Salon] in the subject line, which will make them easy to filter.

2. I want to challenge you to try on and play with as many of the tips as you can. Get your daily 10 minutes scheduled in your calendar….NOW. I know for myself if something isn’t scheduled, it often doesn’t happen.

Also know that some of the self-care tips will rock your world, and others, maybe not so much. How and when we tend to our needs is so individual. This is why I am serving up a number of lovely items on the self-care menu for you to choose from.

3. I’d LOVE to hear from you! Let me know how it is going. What you like. What you would want to know more about. I’m all ears and love to connect. :)


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