What Is Neuro-Nutrition & How Can It Have You Feeling Like Yourself Again Or EVEN Better?

I don’t like to keep the great things I find under wraps! And this one is a goodie! I’ve been taking an incredible online course and coaching program called The Brain Makeover. The core component is amino acid therapy, and all I can say is that L-Tyrosine is my new best friend!

I want to introduce you to the super smart woman who created and is teaching the course, holistic health coach, neuro nutrition specialist, and author, Leah Lund. Her virtual coaching programs, combined with on-line journaling and personal attention, accelerate her client’s results to help them look and feel their best without relying on will power. Leah is a regular speaker on wellness summits and blog radio.

I asked her to stop by the blog to share about her work and want to invite you to think about enrolling in the next session of the Brain Makeover, which starts on September 17th. Her work is truly life-changing!

leah lundHi! I’m Leah Lund and I believe good health starts in your head-literally! At One Whole Health, we begin with an assessment of neurotransmitter function. Before we ever suggest you think positive thoughts or eat the “right” foods, we will help you discover if brain chemical deficiency or hormone imbalance have been making it impossible for you to do so. We create a nutritional repair plan (one that you can actually follow) to correct these imbalances so you can stop sabotaging your own efforts. Our plans never rely on will power.

Neuro Nutrient Therapy is the missing link for how to get yourself to do the things you want to do and feel the way you want to feel.

What Is Neuro Nutrition?

Your brain produces four types of neurotransmitters that insure you have mood resilience, meaning the ability to experience true emotions and then bring yourself back to emotional balance. A well fed brain does not get “stuck” in a mood or produce a mood that is not based on an actual situation or trigger. You can think of it as four “gas tanks” in your brain. Each gas tank takes its own specific fuel and must be nourished properly to keep the tank full and your moods balanced. When your brain isn’t being fed properly, it sends you messages to reach for a substitute (sugar, alcohol, drugs, pornography) that unfortunately further deteriorates your brain chemistry.

A well fed brain means you will:
• Feel positive, light and easy going
• Feel good about yourself and your body
• Handle the stress life dishes out
• Sleep better
• Have more energy
• Get excited about life
• Develop a healthy indifference toward foods, substances and compulsive behavior

How Do I Know If My Brain Is In Need Of Neuro Nutrition?

Most people deficient in neurotransmitter levels describe themselves as feeling something like this:

“I’m in bad mood for no reason.”
“I can’t seem to get over things that upset me. I can’t let it go.”
“I have every reason in my life to be happy and excited, but I’m not. And I feel guilty about that!”
“Will power just isn’t working.”
“I eat (or drink things) I wish I didn’t because I know it’s not good for me.”

If this sounds like you, don’t waste a moment! Click here for details on The Brain Makeover. The next session starts on September 17th.



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