happy_womanYeah! You’ve Just Enrolled Someone In Young Living!

Congratualtions!!! You are helping to change the world!

Our team prides itself on customer care. Ideally, we like to welcome all new team members (anyone who has made any YL purchase – retail OR wholesale) within 24 hours.

Here are the tasks that create a welcoming environment:

1. Send them a personal email, including a link to this page:


(Feel free to swipe this copy to add to a page on your own site if you prefer…or tweak it to make it your own, as long as all the pertinent info is shared.) In that personal email, let them know the specifics about our upcoming Team Educational Call for that month (found in the Events tab of the FB group) as well as our weekly Tuesday Team Calls.

2. Get all old-style and send them a hand-written thank you note. Let them know how excited you are for them to start living the Young Living Lifestyle and that you are here to support them in the highest way….in your words. :)

3. If they are on Facebook, add them to our private FB group.

•  If you are FB friends, simply add their name to the box on the upper right corner of the group page.
•  If you are NOT FB friends, use the link on the upper right corner that says “Invite By Email.” (You can only do this twice, so check in with your enrollee to ensure that they have received the invite and they have been added to the group.)

We like to tag them in a Welcome post. You will see a lot of these as examples. Let them know about the resources found in the FILES section of the group. You can ask them which oil/product they are most excited about using, etc.

If they are NOT on Facebook, you will need to set up a system to make sure they stay looped in about team events. You will also want to email them these two documents from our FB Files: Resources + Team Recordings.

4. Make a note in your calendar to reach out to them 10-12 days from their enrollment to schedule the first Care Call.

The first Care Call will be about 20 minutes. Download this document for more information about how to have successful Care Calls with your enrollees. This personal touch is what makes our team special and provides the highest service to ensure that our team members are supported and aware of all the myriad ways Young Living can help them enhance their health and wellness.

** If you have any questions, feel free to contact the person who enrolled you or email Lora Sasiela. **