Yoga For Eyes

Perhaps you didn’t know that there was such a thing as eye yoga! Well, there is! And these ancient techniques are becoming more and more importantly and timely as our “screentime” increases. These exercises take less than 5 minutes and your eyes will feel fantastic when you’re done. Promise!

Yoga For EyesThere is another eye care tip that totally freaked me out when I first learned about it while at an ayurvedic lecture, but now do it every morning religiously: spray your eyes with a spritz of organic rose water when you wake up – eyes OPEN! I know, it sounds weird, But believe me, it is a truly delicious little moment of self-care not only for your eyes, but your nose too, as you breathe in the gorgeous aroma of roses. (I happen to love the organic rose water from Solavedi.)




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  • I actually have had a book for several years with these eye exercises in it, they not only strengthen the eye muscles, which is to strengthen vision the exercise is to bring a more youthful look to the eyes by eliminating bags and sags and opening the eyes.

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