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Young Living Compensation Plan

These are the average compensations without bonuses:

Bonuses can add another lucrative dimension.

Big emphasis: These are residual, passive incomes.

Average Per Month Commissions (USD)

Executive: Average: $550 per month

Silver: Average: $2500 per month

Gold: Average: $9100 per month

Platinum Average: $21,500 per month

Diamond Average: $29,000 per month

Crown Diamond Average: +++ per month


Young Living Bonus system is easy to earn and very generous. Bonus levels are $100.00, $500.00 and $2000.00 USD PER MONTH in addition to the above figures ( bonus structure can be built multiple times!)


Connie McDanel Young Living Crown Diamond presented these figures at a business builder’s workshop Feb 15, 2011 (1.5 years ago — figures may have changed slightly ). Connie was a school teacher for 20 years, and her husband Michael was a US Air force pilot. They retired 7 years ago to devote full time attention to their Young Living business. Connie explained to us that she shares YL as a “Mom on a Mission” to better the health both physical and financial of families. She currently earns more per month in her YL business then she earned in ONE YEAR at her maximum teachers salary!


Connie also shared that YL has an excellent compensation plan that is well balanced with commissions for the new member and long time veteran. It took them 10 years to earn Crown Diamond Rank (with no up line support!) At her rank she could actually “stop working” her YL business and continue to earn significant stable income. She is passionate about this business and enjoys “choosing to work” as much as “she wants”.